Long Beach Memorial Chooses Quail Digital Wireless Communication System For Cardiac and EP Labs


Data Distributing is excited to announce that Long Beach Memorial Hospital has chosen the Quail Digital Wireless Communication System solution to enhance communication and teamwork within the Cardiac and EP Labs. The facility has implemented 5 systems in close proximity to each other, experiencing no interference during multiple sessions. It also reduces the typical noise a patient has to endure from noisy intercom systems that are implemented by default. The patient experiences a more peaceful environment due to the soft-speaking approach from Quail Digital.

Quail Digital Wireless Healthcare Headset System

Quail Digital wireless headset worn by surgeonNew version of the popular Quail Digital Wireless Healthcare Headset System allows up to 30 users to communicate via one base station, perfect for interventional cardiology, Cardiac Cath, EP procedures and TAVR cases. In addition, the new version provides for the ability to send the audio to an external recording device.

The most compelling feature of the Quail Digital healthcare headset system is the advanced noise-cancellation technology in the headsets.  Each headset has two microphones. The first microphone captures and cancels all sounds other than the user’s voice.  The second microphone, captures the user’s voice and enhances the sound quality so that users on the system can whisper if desired — and still be heard clearly by others on the system.

Quail Digital Wireless Headsets for medical simulation labs

Today, we will be participating in the SIM lab conference in Portland demonstrating the Quail Digital wireless simulation lab headsets to attendees.

Listed below are some of the key features of the wireless healthcare headset system. We have found that many Simulation Labs look at this system as an additional tool to enhance participant experience. Sim Lab professionals look at this system as not replacing their intercom systems, but rather as a complementary tool for use between Confederates and specific participants in the simulation.

The Quail Digital wireless headsets feature advanced noise-cancellation technology which reduces background noise levels significantly. This feature enables your team to communicate with crystal-clear sound. Plus, because they are wireless, so there are no cords to limit mobility.

Security is an important requirement for many hospitals. That is why communications from the Quail Digital Wireless Headset System are encrypted. Encryption technology prevents unauthorized eavesdropping of your medical procedures and Simulation laboratory training. Furthermore, we understand that your training may not always be in the same room, so with the Quail Digital Wireless Headset System, you will have a range of up to 600 feet from the base station.

Featuring scalability, your hospital maintains the ability to have multiple systems working side-by-side with no interference from other hospital equipment. Despite their small size and being lightweight, these wireless healthcare headsets pack a long battery life; featuring up to 7 hours of continuous talk time on a single charge.

The Quail Digital Wireless Headsets are super lightweight and comfortable, weighing less than 2 ounces; about the same weight as a pair of eyeglasses; and they only cover one ear. Because the system operates on a low radio frequency, there is no risk of interference with other hospital equipment.

Visit our website at www.wirelessmedicalheadsets.com for more information on this unique system. We offer complementary trials of the system.

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Important Cath Lab Equipment

Check out this information on this critical piece of cath lab equipment here.  Key highlights of the Quail Digital Wireless Headset System are that they are the lightest wireless headsets on the market, weighing ess than 2 ounces. In addition, users will receive up to 7 hours of continuous talk time on a single charge. Range is up to 600 feet from the base station.  With the ability to have up to 12 users talking simultaneously, this system is ideal for improving communication with TAVR cases. The keystone is the advanced noise cancelling tecnology, enabling your team to whisper if desired for patient comfort. Cath Lab suite

This system was specifically designed to improve teamwork and communication in surgical environments, especially between the procedure room and control room.

Communication is an important factor to consider in evaluating your Cath Lab equipment, enabling your clinical team to work more productively and efficiently.

Visit our wireless medical headsets website for more information.

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Lightweight vs Heavy

“I had to choose between Quail Digital wireless headsets and another brand for our EP lab. The other brand was big and heavy versus Quail. Trialed the Quail headsets and was impressed from the moment we put them on. They are extremely light-weight and you don’t even feel as if you have them on. The clarity is excellent and the range is extremely good even in our lead-lined labs. We have been using Quail for a year now and have been extremely happy with our choice.”

-William Thornborrow, EP Coordinator, OSF St Anthony Medical Center, Rockford, IL

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