Medical Specialties


Cath and Electrophysiology Labs






  • Achieve crystal clear communication between the control room and procedure room, even through leaded glass and walls with the Quail Digital Wireless Headset System.
  • Modern Cath and EP labs are equipped with a number of displays, each loaded with cooling fans which contribute to extensive background noise that is picked up and amplified by the intercom.
  • 7 hours of continuous talk time on a single charge
  • Accommodates up to 12 users on a single system, ideal for TAVR cases.
  • Advanced noise cancelling headset technology enables your surgical team to whisper, if desired to ensure patient comfort
William Thornborrow, EP Coordinator, OSF St Anthony Medical Center, Rockford, IL

I had to choose between Quail headsets and another brand for our EP lab. The other brand was big and heavy versus Quail. Trialed the Quail headsets and was impressed from the moment we put them on. They are extremely lightweight and you don't even feel as if you have them on. The clarity is excellent and the range is extremely good even in our lead-lined labs. We have been using Quail for a year now and have been extremely happy with our choice.

Robotic Surgery Suites

  • Communication noise levels greatly decrease with Quail Digital Wireless Headsets.  A whisper can be heard while the physician is fully engaged in surgery within the DaVinci console.
  • Physicians no longer need to disengage from surgical procedures in order to communicate with team members.
  • There is no archaic speaker – no intercom. Your current speaker/intercom can be shut off with Quail Digital in place; thus, no longer a need to strain to hear or speak through ‘drive through’ intercom technology.
  • A surgical team’s Floater or Coordinator will not lose contact with the physician/surgical team on supply runs within a 600′ communication radius (avg.).
  • When a microphone is in locked – open position – there is no need to touch during procedures.
  • Quail’s noise cancellation technology cancels out distracting background noise.
  • Quail Digital operates using securely encrypted headsets on a – proprietary- low radio frequency; thus, there’s no risk of interference with hospital equipment or multiple systems throughout the department.
  • Communication issues (within the OR) are on JCAHO’s radar due to costly miscommunication errors in surgical areas.  
  • Quail is specific to surgical suites & surgery teams. It is not a one way paging system, nor a speaker/intercom system with headsets.
  • Soft neckbands are optional for physicians who may not wish to place the lightweight headset on his/her head during procedures.

John Gaffney –EP Manager for Waukesha Memorial Hospital, Waukesha, WI.
Communications in the EP lab have never been so easy—thanks to our new Quail Digital wireless headset system. They work so well, that we (temporarily) moved it to our Hybrid room to trial on a case there. I believe there may be another Quail headset purchase in the near future.