Quail Digital Wireless Healthcare Headset System

Quail Digital Wireless Healthcare Headset System

Each Healthcare Base Station can accommodate up to 30 Quail Digital wireless headsets.

Quail Digital wireless healthcare headset systemQuail Digital Healthcare Base Station  —    Q-HCBS 



Quail Digital wireless healthcare headsets

Quail Digital Healthcare Wireless Headset —  Q-P7HS



Quail Digital Hquail digital battery charger picealthcare Battery Charger —  Q-RCH




quail digital battery charger shelfQuail Digital Healthcare Battery Charger Shelf —  Q-RH7BAT



Rod – Cath Lab Manager, eastern PA
Simply put, I saved about $10,000 buying the Quail Digital wireless headset system and have a product that so far I am completely pleased with. I cannot believe how satisfied I am with the headsets. Our team wears them for every ablation and the headsets really have enhanced our workflow. They are clearly the bomb back in EP(electrophysiology). I just stopped by the department and it is a sea of blue lights. I can’t imagine any facility wouldn’t love these things… If my Neuro IR grows, I would think I would be up for another set. p.s. I actually mean everything I said, they are awesome!